🚕Taxi Meter Integration

android  ● 27 Oct 2020

kotlin rxjava grpc websocket

When I was working at Grab, I got an oppurtunity to work on this innovative project to integrate the taxi and its in-vehicle system into Grab’s online platform. Our main goal was to improve the taxi driver experience and make the process of using Grab Driver App with the taxi as smooth as possible.

Imagine if you are a Grab Driver driving taxi, you have to do the followings step:

  1. You accepted the job, you have to manually set the rooftop to “on call”.
  2. You picked up the passenger, you start the meter and then you have to manually start the trip in the app.
  3. You arrived at the destination, you stop the meter then you have to manually stop the trip in the app and then key in the breakdown fare.

After the integration, you have to do just:

  1. Accept the job.
  2. Pick up the passenger then start the meter.
  3. Arrive at destination then stop the meter.

Since taxi meter, rooftop sign and other in-vahicle hardware devices are integrated with Grab system, we know when to start the trip, update the rooftop sign and so on. This improves Grab driver’s experience a lot.

I worked with the team and vendors to deploy customized Android OS and Grab application into hundreds of taxi in Singapore.

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